GLOBAL PRECISION OPTICS is a leading supplier of custom fabricated optical components for aerospace, defense, medical, commercial and research applications. We supply spherical lenses, windows, mirrors, wedges, domes, and many other elements in a variety of substrate materials. This includes optical and filter glasses, plastics, fused silicas, quartz, and infrared materials, such as germanium, and zinc compounds.

GLOBAL PRECISION OPTICS specializes in precision optical components for the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared spectrum in prototype and production quantities. Our services include substrate fabrication up to and including coatings at your request.

We produce lenses up to 14 inch O.D. which includes glass or plastic. Our latest design uses a 6-element system of 9.3 inch diameter for a projection system using plastic materials.

We can make your ideas a reality, and in most cases prototype can be made in 1-2 weeks.